Let Excel’s =IF Function Do The Heavy Lifting

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Heavy Lift Function

One of the best reasons to use a spreadsheet is to take advantage of powerful decision-making tools that can dramatically reduce your workload. Tools such as Excel’s ‘=IF’ function can scan your spreadsheet, looking for a certain situation, and then carry out one action if that situation is true or do something else if the […]


Why Investing in Employees Can Also Assist in Conflict Coaching

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Investing in Employees

“In an organizational hierarchy every employee tends to rise or get promoted to his or her level of incompetence.” Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong. Mr. Peter describes what many of us have seen – or even experienced – in the workplace. People are promoted until they can no longer […]


Training for Health Care Professionals

Brain, Body and You (CLPI)

The Brain, Body and You - Join Us for FREE Stroke Care Workshops at Loyalist College, Belleville! For front-line health care providers (eg. PSW, RPN, RN, Rehab Assistants and Restorative Care Aides) caring for stroke survivors and other related patient populations in the following care settings: long term, community, acute, complex continuing care and other related […]


Performance Tip (March)

March Performance Tip

What high performers expect from their next organization In searching for the best available candidates, employers need to recognize what the top – potential candidates are expecting: From the organization: Working for a winning organization is of the critical factor in the decision process. Superior job seekers are thinking about the firm’s platform, track record, […]


Microsoft® Excel & Word – Level 1

Microsoft Level 1

When was the last time you invested in your development? We can help you make an impact today. Build spreadsheets quicker, make your slides more effective, and take control of your inbox and task list. Sign up for a Microsoft Productivity + Course from SLC Corporate Learning and discover the tricks, tips, and best practices […]


Performance Tip (February)

February Performance Tip

Better business writing requires a focus on clarity over style. Don’t fall in love with your reports; ensure they are concise and clear for the reader – just make your point. These steps will help you get your central ideas across: One idea per paragraph. Novels hold several complex ideas and emotions in a single […]


Understanding Difficult Employees – How do you manage them effectively?

Difficult Employees

I recently gave a workshop and ended up talking with one participant for nearly an hour afterwards about a very specific situation that she is facing. She is in a difficult situation, trying to figure out how to talk with one individual, and not making progress. I provided some coaching to help her determine what […]


Performance Tip (January)

January Performance Tip

Onboarding is always a challenge for SMEs and is often done badly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The approach to onboarding: pilling a huge stack of reading or a series of off the shelf training modules doesn’t explain how the organization truly functions. Performance Tip (January) from Charlie Mignault For the latest […]


Performance Tip (December)

December Performance Tip

Do you know how your employees feel about their work? Checking in with your team about their relative happiness can help you retain them. Performance Tip (December) from Charlie Mignault For the latest professional development opportunities delivered straight to your inbox sign up below: Sign Up Now


Performance Tip (November)

November Performance Tip

A meeting of multiple time-starved executives is a massive commitment of resources. Focusing on low-stakes issues, like updates or presentations, often wastes valuable time. Instead… Performance Tip (November) from Charlie Mignault For the latest professional development opportunities delivered straight to your inbox sign up below: Sign Up Now