Are You Fit to Lead? 12 Signs You’re Not Up For The Challenge.

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We have all seen or worked with people unfit to lead.

Many times these folks are well intentioned-ambitious people who do their level best; unfortunately for the rest of us they can leave a trail of chaos and dysfunction – the products of poor leadership and unintended consequences.

Before you seek a leadership role consider what is motivating you. Management; like leadership, is difficult and complex. Your motives need to be aligned with strong leadership principals. Poor leadership based on motives like hubris, social advancement and monetary gain (as ends in themselves) or self-deception: regardless of the size and scope of your organization can have far reaching and significant effects.

Here is a test for aspiring leaders: if these points describe you you’re not a leader!

Are You Fit to Lead? 12 Signs You’re Not Up For The Challenge from St. Lawrence Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement