Workforce Development Initiative


We are enhancing our Career & Placement Centre so that it is aligned with the needs of over 4500 regional employers. We at St. Lawrence College are developing career ready graduates, and in so doing are an engine for regional economic development. Through our Corporate Community Outreach we know what  job skills and competencies are […]


Managers Can Foster Productivity Through Considered Engagement

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The workplace is less happy than ever. New evidence from Gallup suggests that employee engagement is at an historic low. How should we respond to this challenge? We know managers are a crucial element regarding employee wellness and employee engagement – in fact managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement- […]


November’s Performance Tip: How to Foster Trust at Work

November Performance Tip

Success in business requires trusting colleagues. When your organizations money and resources are on the line, how can you do a better job of gauging trustworthiness and thereby improve the probability of success? Here are 3 tips to affect behavior: Be generous. Feelings of gratitude foster trustworthy behavior. Giving new partners a reason to feel […]


August’s Performance Tip: 4 Things You Owe Your Team

LinkedIn Performance Tip

Understanding what people expect from you can be intimidating and overwhelming – especially when each individual is unique and has unique needs. Here are 4 things every employee needs and should rightly expect from their manager. Praise. Everyone needs to be recognized when they are making contributions. Recognizing victories motivates and is a much more […]


July’s Performance Tip: 3 Tips for Interviewing Internal Candidates

July Performance Tip

Internal candidates are often thought of as a throw in to a balanced interview to-do list. However, these interviews can be a source of information and the key to helping you make the right hiring decision. Here are 3 tips for getting the interviews done right: Ask discerning questions. Yes you might already know the […]


June’s Performance Tip: Tips for Writing Reader-Friendly Reports

June Performance Tip

Business people are time-pressed, content-driven, and decision-focused. To write effectively, remember that they want simple and direct communications. Here are three tips for giving readers what they want and need: Brevity. Many memo writers get hung up on “style”. Unfortunately flowing sentences tend to be long and diffuse. You don’t need choppy sentences, just hardworking […]


Performance Tip (March)

March Performance Tip

What high performers expect from their next organization In searching for the best available candidates, employers need to recognize what the top – potential candidates are expecting: From the organization: Working for a winning organization is of the critical factor in the decision process. Superior job seekers are thinking about the firm’s platform, track record, […]


Performance Tip (February)

February Performance Tip

Better business writing requires a focus on clarity over style. Don’t fall in love with your reports; ensure they are concise and clear for the reader – just make your point. These steps will help you get your central ideas across: One idea per paragraph. Novels hold several complex ideas and emotions in a single […]


Understanding Difficult Employees – How do you manage them effectively?

Difficult Employees

I recently gave a workshop and ended up talking with one participant for nearly an hour afterwards about a very specific situation that she is facing. She is in a difficult situation, trying to figure out how to talk with one individual, and not making progress. I provided some coaching to help her determine what […]


Performance Tip (January)

January Performance Tip

Onboarding is always a challenge for SMEs and is often done badly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The approach to onboarding: pilling a huge stack of reading or a series of off the shelf training modules doesn’t explain how the organization truly functions. Performance Tip (January) from Charlie Mignault For the latest […]