Contract and Compliance Training – Practical, Timely Solutions for Industry

St. Lawrence College applies its expertise to the needs of industry to create and deliver effective and practical programs for companies. CLPI’s network of resources, instructors with private-sector experience, and commitment to delivering relevant, timely content has made us the partner of choice for organizations who want to develop their teams.

Training is structured in collaboration with clients and incorporates the latest trends and industry-specific regulatory requirements. Our clients work with us because we offer flexibility and innovation in curriculum design and delivery, and we are cost effective.

We focus our training in two areas:

  1. Occupational Training and Organizational Development
    From Health and Safety training to certification, TSSA compliance, and hands on skill development programs, CLPI leverages strong industry ties to help customers create high performance, safe, and efficient work environments.  A comprehensive course listing is found here. CLPI will customize content to ensure relevance and applicability to individual client organizations. 

Occupational Training and Organizational Development program list

Health and Safety Certification and Awareness Training Courses

St. Lawrence College is an authorized training provider for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

  1. Skill Development
    Experience hands on, refresher courses and new skill development in areas and on trends that are impacting business today. College experts leverage their private-sector experience with formal training as adult educators for programs that deliver results.

Skill Development training programs:

MS Office

Our customized training follows this 3 Step Process:

1. Needs Assessment
During this thorough assessment key job-related program features are identified for various user groups. The ones that will boost user productivity the most are chosen for the courses.

2. Program Delivery Plan
A flexible training schedule is created to ensure optimal attendance. Employees are then informed of the course offerings in order to register. The instructor-led courses are delivered in small groups to ensure quality of training and ample participation.

3. Training Report
A training report is provided with the results of the course evaluations along with other findings and recommendations.

For more information on the various courses and competency levels click here.

Better Minute Taking

Changes to privacy legislation and societal expectations for greater transparency and accountability of public organizations have increased the pressure on people taking minutes to be exact, concise, and consistent in the work they produce. St. Lawrence College helps organizations requiring standardized and professional minutes from formal or informal meetings to create templates, improve processes, and increase the confidence of employees tasked with recording minutes during meetings.

Conducted in a workshop style, this program can be customized for an intact team and results in the creation of templates and process that bring consistency to an organization’s minutes and official records of business.

Suitable for any organization that has staff required to take minutes.

Contact us to hear how our programs and content can work for you. Our managers have years of experience applying college resources to meet the training needs of organizations in the communities that we serve. If we can’t help you, we can help connect you with resources and contacts who can.