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St. Lawrence College, Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement, proudly presents The Leadership for Managers Program modules. This fast track professional development program is offered throughout the year in various formats.

One day modules:

  1. Operationalizing the Strategic Plan - Foundations
  2. Project Management - Foundations
  3. Change Management - Foundations
  4. Leadership - Foundations
  5. Teams - Foundations
  6. Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Advanced
  7. Communication - Advanced
  8. Dispute and Conflict - Advanced
  9. Coaching and Mentoring - Advanced
  10. Managing the Client Experience - Advanced


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Information on modules that are offered is listed below. Each is offered as a stand-alone module, or part of a five-day program. All content listed is customizable for company-specific programs of intact teams. We encourage you to review our content, then contact us to discuss how it could work for you or your employees.

Change Management

Learn to manage the change process from planning to implementation. Participants will realize why trends in organizations, industries, sectors and geographic locations are important to monitor.  This module will explore the following:

  • How to create support and commitment for change, recognize and anticipate resistance, and design a change plan to implement for future change projects
  • How to use the R x A x F (Ready, Aim, Fire) › Resistance model to understand the change process

How to plan and implement a system-wide organizational change through the Change-O-Meter computer simulation.

Change Management (PDF)

Coaching and Mentoring

Learn about the strategic need for mentorship in organizations and gain tools from which to develop and apply a mentorship program. Participants will receive a Mentoring Manual providing a guide from which to lead the mentoring process. 

Coaching and Mentoring (PDF)

Dispute and Conflict

Develop negotiating techniques and conflict resolution skills that will help managers to appropriately deal with workplace conflict. The following are the outcomes of the workshop:

  • Describe conflict in a workplace setting
  • Apply conflict resolution strategies to workplace conflict
  • Demonstrate negotiating skills to address conflict
  • Develop strategies to address workplace conflict
  • Develop leadership abilities through effective conflict management

Dispute and Conflict (PDF)

Finance for Non Financial Managers

Learn key concepts such as:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Sources and Uses of Cash and Capital
  • Costs, Prices and Profits
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Measuring Financial Performance

Suitable for team leaders, aspiring and new managers and managers from other functional areas who may not deal with financial decisions on a day-to-day basis

Finance for Non Financial Managers (PDF)

Introduction to Strategic Planning

This course offers the core ideals of strategic planning and operationalizing your strategic plan.  You will learn the following:

  • Expand your strategic understanding of the marketplace
  • Develop and implement a strategy for your organization
  • Create mission, vision, and values to achieve goals
  • Focus on future direction and achieving desired results

Introduction to Strategic Planning (PDF)


This course will ultimately provide a framework for leading change initiatives, internal projects and understanding personal leadership. This module will present the following:

  • Define and explore the core principles of leadership
  • Understand and develop effective leadership techniques
  • Explore the values-based leadership model and your personal leadership style
  • Experiment with and apply models, techniques and principles using the Hailey Hotel Case Study

Leadership (PDF)

Managing the Customer Experience

Customer service is everybody’s business. Learn to manage the customer experience from awareness to advocacy. Suitable for team leaders, current, new and aspiring managers.

Topic areas include:

  • Why customer service matters
  • Measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction
  • Customer service and new media
  • Building your customer experience management program

Discussion of key concepts will be supported by examples of best practices from multiple sectors.

Managing the Customer Experience (PDF)

Project Management

This course will help you understand the role of project management, how to set and manage client expectations, develop a list of key tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress updates.  This module will include the following:

  • Introduction to project management
  • Integration
  • Scope definition and controls
  • Exercises in planning, control and problem solving, including consideration of risk factors and conflict resolution within projects
  • Test and create a template in an actual project for management

Project Management (PDF)


Learn how to become a more effective team leader/builder and create team synergy by leveraging individual skills for the combined effort. This module will introduce the following topics and activities:

  • Types of teams/groups/hybrids
  • How to conduct a skills audit for individual team members
  • Team self-management practices, problem solving skills and creating a team vision
  • Best practice communication strategies and techniques
  • A day with re-creatable team exercises to bring back to your organization

Teams (PDF)

Communication for Managers

Explore and develop the communications skills needed to succeed as a manager. Suitable for team leaders, current, new and aspiring managers.

Topic areas will include:

  • Business writing, speaking and presenting
  • One-to-one communication
  • How to communicate effectively in teams

Discussion of key concepts in each area will be supported by diagnostic tools and practical, hands-on exercises.

Communication for Managers (PDF)