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Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement is about corporate training courses and content that our clients can apply to make an impact in their organization. Our clients commend us for providing solutions to their corporate training needs that are cost effective and practical. We work with public and private sector clients from all areas including health services, financial planning and advising, legal firms, military, construction, transportation, warehousing and supply chain, manufacturing, and hospitality and tourism.

Free workshops - registration now open for "Brain, Body & You" - click here for details on eligibility and registering!

Read some mini cases that profile how we help our clients:

Public programs - network, connect and learn

Public or open enrolment programs are scheduled throughout the year as one-day or week-long immersions in a particular topic. They allow people to learn in an interactive environment and connect with peers from their region. Our clients use public workshops to onboard new employees who may have missed a custom program that was done internally, or to refresh the skills of someone who is taking on more responsibility or a new role.

Custom programs - reflect, address, collaborate

Custom or intact-team training adjusts college and instructor content to reflect examples, templates and realities of the client organization. Relevance and transfer of new skills are heightened when employees apply new learning to specific company examples or issues. For more information on custom programs, click here.

Other services

The full scope of services available at St. Lawrence College can be accessed through Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement. Contact us for help connecting to someone about:

  • Booking space at the college (computer labs, conference or meeting space, dining in our on-campus restaurant)
  • Having a needs analysis done for your team
  • Coaching and one-on-one assessments to help optimize employee results
  • Work placements for college students
  • Accessing research services, to determine if funding is available to capture knowledge from within your organization
  • Post a job or tap the resources of our Employment Service offices
  • Expert facilitation for a strategic planning exercise or meeting

Feel free to explore our site, and read about our services. If at any time you would like to speak with a member of the CLPI team, feel free to contact us.