Contract & Certification Training

Contract & Certification Training

St. Lawrence College applies its expertise to the needs of industry to create and deliver effective and practical programs for Corporations, Government and Associations. CLPI’s network of resources, instructors with private-sector experience and commitment to delivering relevant, timely content has made us the training provider of choice.

Our corporate training is structured in collaboration with clients and incorporates the latest trends and industry-specific regulatory requirements. Our clients work with us because we offer flexibility and innovation in curriculum design and delivery, and we are cost effective.

Contact us to hear how our programs and content can work for you. Our managers have years of experience applying college resources to meet the training needs of organizations in the communities that we serve. If we can’t help you, we can help connect you with resources and contacts who can.

For more information on Contract & Compliance Training Contact:

LauraLee Barkley

Logistics Coordinator

613-345-0660 x 3176

[email protected]