Skilled Trade Training

Occupational Training Program List

From Health and Safety training to certification, TSSA compliance, and hands on skill development programs, CLPI leverages strong industry ties to help customers create high performance, safe, and efficient work environments. A comprehensive course listing of our Skilled Trade Training program is included below. CLPI customizes content to ensure relevance and applicability to individual client organizations. 

St. Lawrence College is an authorized training provider for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

  • Supervisors and Workers Health and Safety Training
  • Building Environmental Systems
  • Carpenter Level 1 and 2
  • Chemical Process Operator
  • Industrial Maintenance Gas Technician
  • Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program
  • Manufacturing Operator Program
  • Power Engineering Techniques – 4th class
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Electricians

Supervisors and Workers Health and Safety Training

In 2010, the Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health and Safety recommended the development of mandatory, basic health and safety awareness training programs for all Ontario workplaces.

Building Environmental Systems

This practical operations program, delivered in seven modules equips students with the ability to operate buildings of any size efficiently and economically by developing a full range of practical knowledge reinforced by workplace competencies. Students are exposed to all elements of today’s modern building systems and environments.

Suitable for: School boards, hospitals, malls, institutions – organizations with large or multiple buildings.

Carpenter Level 1 and 2

Carpentry is all around us. The houses we live in, the buildings we work in and the furniture we use; all of these were created by skilled-trades people who share the same basic carpentry skills. If you enjoy working with your hands and the satisfaction of building things yourself, or if you work in a capacity where constructing buildings or furniture is required, this program can update and refresh your skills.  

Suitable for: People who are interested in obtaining a career as a carpenter, or are new to the field. Offered as a public program or customized for teams.

Chemical Process Operator

This program has been designed specifically for new employees hired to work as Chemical Plant Operators. The curriculum follows the Schedule of Training for the Apprenticeship Trade of Process Operator: Refinery, Chemical & Liquid Process – 246F. It is broken into five segments, each being 60 hours in duration plus additional time for some self-study and tests.

Suitable for: Chemical and refinery plants and their employees.

Industrial Maintenance Gas Technician

St. Lawrence College is an authorized training provider for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Our instructors conduct an on-site equipment and training needs assessment and subsequently provide a written report that determines the number of training modules and duration of each that is required. The IMT is site-specific training mandated by TSSA.

Suitable for: Organizations with gas-fired appliances.

Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program

The Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program is a joint venture between Ontario’s Colleges and the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters of Canada.  The program has been developed to supply the skills required by supervisors in industry today and delivered in five distinct 30 hour modules.

Suitable for: Manufacturing companies wishing to update and refresh the skills of their managers and supervisors.

Manufacturing Operator Program

The Manufacturing Operator Program has been created in response to employer needs in the industry sector. The program incorporates curriculum and scheduling as industry representatives have advised. Students successfully completing this training benefit from local employer recognition of the program and can be recognized with preferred status in the hiring process.

Participants in the Manufacturing Operator Program are familiarized with the machinery, equipment and tools used in manufacturing processes. Students acquire the knowledge required to be productive in the dynamic setting of manufacturing. They also benefit from developing employability skills which employers deem critical to individual and team performance. These include critical thinking, problem solving, teams, conflict resolution, and communication skills. Students develop operator maintenance skills and quality control aptitude through this training.

Offered as an open enrolment program – contact CLPI for dates and more information.

Power Engineering Techniques – 4th class

This program introduces students to all aspects of power plant operation and maintenance, both theoretical and practical, at the 4th Class level. Subjects of instruction closely follow the Standardized Power Engineers Examination Committee (SOPEEC) syllabus and are helped to complete the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) examinations required for 4th Class certification as an Operating Engineer. Theoretical concepts discussed in the classroom are further explained and illustrated through the use of our Power plant simulator and Lab exercises in the colleges Training Facility (Brockville).

Suitable for: TSSA approved organizations with boilers.

Small Engine Repair

This 60 hour hands-on practical course introduces the student to two and four stroke engine operation. The material is delivered in a lab format with ample time allotted for practical work. The practical segment includes disassembling, inspecting, repairing and tuning small engines that are common to lawnmowers and lawn tractors, tillers, snowmobiles, snow blowers, motorcycles, chainsaws and weed trimmers.

Suitable for: People who are responsible for maintaining small engines for their business or employer. Offered as a public program or customized for teams.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Electricians

Designed for licensed electricians, this course combines a self-study package with available support followed by a test and then two days of hands-on lab sessions to apply the theory. It is designed to be taken while you work. Participants will be equipped with a thorough understanding of emerging solar technologies from installation to compliance with code requirements.

Suitable for: Non-unionized electrical contractors and independent electricians.

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