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Our clients commend us for practical content delivered in innovative ways. We hear time and again about the value our programs bring, and the quality of our instructors and facilitators. See for yourself! Click on a client's name below, or scan our testimonials by subject area. We are proud to be partnering with organizations and businesses to contribute to their ongoing success.

Recent Customers

Burnbrae Farms

Burnbrae Farms

“St. Lawrence College is providing a strong foundation to management teams across all types of business in our communities. The modular approach to Leadership for Managers is a good example of how flexible and cost competitive their programs can be. It is a pleasure to work with their highly qualified staff and professional faculty. The Leadership for Managers program and the variations of this program that we have used has helped the Managers at Burnbrae Farms to be consistent, be professional in their approach, be understanding, and most importantly, be a TEAM."

Cec Drake, Senior Director – Lyn Grading and Further Processing Operations
Burnbrae Farms Ltd.
Leadership for Managers Certificate


Dupont Canada

"The DuPont Kingston Research & Business Development Centre has had a long-standing and comprehensive Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) training process based on regulatory, corporate and site requirements. It is also guided by our commitment to the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles set by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we decided to strengthen our SHE training program by complementing it with outside training expertise provided by a quality third party. We found that the courses offered by the St. Lawrence Corporate Learning Center provided additional impact and some new perspectives that led to great discussions, and also helped to strengthen some of our site safety programs."

Rob Poffley, Health & Safety
DuPont Canada

Corus Entertainment

Corus Entertainment

”I expected to gain leadership skills that would develop my personal management style. My expectations were more than met – they were exceeded. I had my first “ah ha” moment in the first two hours of the first day! All the work in strategy that we were trying to do at work suddenly began to make sense. Each day after that began to paint the macro picture that I had been missing before I came to the program. In fact, the first day back to the office was the first day I applied what I learned. As we were working through our strategic planning and business planning, I was able to contribute fully to the process.”

Brad Gibb, Program Director
Corus Radio London

“St. Lawrence provides real value for the price. The content of the program modules, the superior facilitators and the cost compared to other post-secondary institutions is beyond compare.

Leadership is extremely important but not everyone knows what it means. Managing is one thing, but Leadership is quite another. A Manager may be task focused, but to be a leader you need to evaluate what to do at a higher level than just the task. The marriage of each module of the St. Lawrence program provided a complete and comprehensive leadership package. In addition, each of these days had a component of practicum or practical application. We saw this as the incubator for our people to test their newfound knowledge before coming back to our organization.”

J.J. Johnston, General Manager
Corus Radio Kingston

Cunningham Swan

Cunningham Swan

The law firm Cunningham Swan Carty Little & Bonham LLP faced a change. It was time to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7. Knowing they needed as little interruption as possible across their operations, and with a team at varying skill levels, the firm sought proposals from several trainers.

One of the responses was from St. Lawrence College’s Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement. The Centre understands the importance of a smooth transition from one version of Microsoft to another. They also understand the need for flexibly-scheduled programs that limit disruptions for business owners. Combined with St. Lawrence’s ability to customize programs to reflect clients’ business environments, the College’s facilities and incredible value set them apart.

Patience McLeod is the Office Manager at Cunningham Swan. As a graduate and member of the College Board, she is familiar with the services St. Lawrence provides, and the facilities available on the three campuses. Knowing St. Lawrence is committed to be a great learning college, she was also confident there would be a beneficial partnership to achieve the desired outcomes for her team.

“Working with St. Lawrence to structure this training, I found them to be insightful and helpful. They provided suggestions and information that helped develop a program that was right for us. More importantly, the College listened to our needs, took the time to hear our explanations of culture and timing requirements, and provided feedback and suggestions that enabled us to have the best training possible for everyone at the firm. We got exactly what we needed, which saved us time and money in the long run.”

For anyone else seeking similar computer skills training, Patience’s advice is simple:

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Have an internal project lead who can articulate your company or team’s needs.
  3. Put effort in prior to transitioning to any new software. Upfront training saves time, hassle, and helps users quickly get up to speed.
  4. Have users contribute their questions prior to the training.
  5. Work with St. Lawrence College!

In the end, Patience and the team at Cunningham Swan have been thrilled with the payoff of their investment with St. Lawrence College. There was little to no interruption in the daily workflow across their operations. Little touches, like the coordination of parking for participants, the provision of campus maps, and the ease of using College facilities made the program run smoothly. The College even took care of soliciting feedback from participants before and after the program, and compiled results that enabled the firm to evaluate their investment. As Patience says:

“The time and money to send employees on training is considerable. Organizations are taking valuable resources away from their primary function. The benefits taken from such down time have to justify the time spent away from the business. With our Microsoft Office upgrade training, I can honestly say St. Lawrence College made it worth it.”

Patience McLeod, Office Manager
Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little & Bonham LLP
Custom Training

Eastern Ontario Health Unit

Eastern Ontario Health Unit

"I really enjoyed the interactive activities and excellent opportunities for learning. Excellent execution of the week"

Patti Gauley, Coordinator
Eastern Ontario Health Unit
Leadership for Managers Certificate

Four-O-One Electric

Four-O-One Electric

"Four-O-One Electric Ltd. has been very fortunate to work with St. Lawrence College's Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement. 

Each member of our management team has benefited from attending the Leadership for Managers program. With this program our managers have learned practical skills in a hands-on setting. By having each member of our team attend this program we have developed a common understanding of the principles necessary for leading and managing our growing business.

In addition to the Leadership for Managers program, we have worked with the Centre for Corporate Learning during our business planning and strategic planning processes. By having a facilitator from the Centre guide us through these processes our team has accomplished a long standing goal. We are confident that we now have the tools needed to create our own Business and Strategic Plans in the future.

Four-O-One Electric is pleased to recommend to you St. Lawrence College's Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement. We will be pleased to answer your questions about our experience with the Centre, and about our recommendation."

Laurel Picard, Human Resources Manager
Four-O-One Electric
Leadership for Managers

Frontenac Community Mental Health Services

Frontenac Community Mental Health Services

As with any team experiencing growth, processes have evolved over time at Frontenac Community Mental Health Services. Established in 1976, FCMHS has grown steadily over the years from an affordable housing program to what is now a full service agency. FCMHS recently realized they needed to train some of their staff. Enter St. Lawrence College’s Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement.

FCMHS Program Support Assistants are required to take minutes during meetings. As an official record of the organization’s activity, these minutes need to be consistent, and must stand up to scrutiny if FCMHS or their Board receives a request for information via provincial privacy legislation. Finding themselves without internal resources to train their team to produce professional and consistent minutes, FCMHS approached St. Lawrence College.

Katie Spoljaric with the Human Resources team coordinated the project. From the beginning, she found CLPI easy to work with. “Not only did they take and incorporate our feedback, the whole training process was an easy one. The instructor delivered the training on-site at FCMHS – and came with the equipment and tools required to deliver the training properly and efficiently!”

When working with a client, CLPI matches their training needs to a skill set of an experience faculty member. These instructors are skilled, qualified and have practical experience. As Katie notes; “having an experienced instructor execute the training was a trouble-free and straightforward way to develop our employee’s skills.”

Asked if there was anything that St. Lawrence College did particularly well in working with FCMHS, Katie commends CLPI for their program follow-up. “CLPI produced additional distance training via a PowerPoint presentation with imbedded videos. This added touch further supported employees that needed additional help. The training St. Lawrence provided exceeded our expectations and was more than we could have offered to our staff with our resources.”

Kate Gibson, Human Resources & Finance Assistant
Frontenac Community Mental Health Services & Addictions

Minimax Express

Minimax Express

"I will be leaving a better person from this course and will be on my way to being a leader. I am looking forward to the Leadership Level II program."

James MacPherson, Safety Coordinator and Driver Relations
Minimax Express Transportation
Leadership for Managers Certificate Program

Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario

Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario (STEO)

"SLC has been a tremendous partner for STEO to move our training agenda to the next level. The College has been very helpful in the various training topics offered, and the flexibility of content and delivery. We are very pleased with the ongoing training service provided by Dave Ashton and his team at Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement at St. Lawrence College."

John Bell, Safety and Training Coordinator
Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario (STEO)

W.A. Robinson & Associates

W.A. Robinson & Associates Ltd.

"I signed up for the social media workshop offered by St. Lawrence College because I wanted to learn about new developments in social media that could benefit our business. The workshop provided me with insight and immediate return on my investment. Its practical look at how social media can grow your business, gain you customers, and help retain existing clients was valuable and timely information. I was able to apply concepts from the workshop the same day I learned them, and saw immediate results in terms of lead generation and impact.

I would recommend this workshop for anyone charged with using social media in their business. An added benefit of programs at St. Lawrence is the support and information they provide beyond the actual workshop. I now have an open channel to the Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement team that will allow me to continue to benefit from information, invitations to special events, and answers to my questions."

Michael Graves, Marketing Coordinator
W.A. Robinson & Associates Ltd.