Performance Tip (February)

February Performance Tip

Better business writing requires a focus on clarity over style. Don’t fall in love with your reports; ensure they are concise and clear for the reader – just make your point. These steps will help you get your central ideas across:

One idea per paragraph. Novels hold several complex ideas and emotions in a single paragraph. In business writing, limit your thoughts to one per paragraph. If you want to segue into another idea, begin a new paragraph.

Use a clear topic sentence. Introduce the central idea of the paragraph in the first sentence. Provide information in order of importance with supplemental details at the end.

Think of the reader at all times. We are all busy. Many of your readers will only have time to scan you document. Your goal is to share information. To ensure this happens use headers and bullet points so that your audience can quickly scan your message and understand your key points.

Performance Tip (February) from Charlie Mignault

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