Performance Tip (March)

March Performance Tip

What high performers expect from their next organization
In searching for the best available candidates, employers need to recognize what the top – potential candidates are expecting:
From the organization: Working for a winning organization is of the critical factor in the decision process. Superior job seekers are thinking about the firm’s platform, track record, current and future prospects. Candidates also care about an organization’s people and culture — they want to work with people they respect and can learn from. Is your company inspiring or defending the status quo? Are you hiring obvious winners or losers?
For the career: The high demand job seekers are evaluating the potential for career advancement and personal growth. Candidates assess the training and development that the position offers, the resources that will be available to them, and the degree of independence and self actualization the job offers. Equally important in the evaluation is how the outside world will interpret their role and the implications on how the organizations brand will effect their personal brand and reputation in their own community.

Adapted from “Headhunters Reveal What Candidates Want” by Boris Groysberg.

Performance Tip (March) from Charlie Mignault

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