July’s Performance Tip: 3 Tips for Interviewing Internal Candidates

July Performance Tip

Internal candidates are often thought of as a throw in to a balanced interview to-do list. However, these interviews can be a source of information and the key to helping you make the right hiring decision. Here are 3 tips for getting the interviews done right:

Ask discerning questions. Yes you might already know the applicant, still you can learn more. Ask about their experience outside of the company, both in previous jobs or through volunteer work. If they don’t have volunteer experience – why not?

Ready for a stretch role? Because the candidate will be moving into a role she is already familiar with, ask specific questions about what she plans to do with the role.

Make it real. Often, internal candidates get interviews as a matter of course and for morale reasons. If you aren’t serious about the candidate, is it really better for morale?

Adapted from How to Conduct an Internal Interview” by Amy Gallo 

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