August’s Performance Tip: 4 Things You Owe Your Team

Understanding what people expect from you can be intimidating and overwhelming – especially when each individual is unique and has unique needs. Here are 4 things every employee needs and should rightly expect from their manager.

  1. Praise. Everyone needs to be recognized when they are making contributions. Recognizing victories motivates and is a much more successful formula than micromanaging weaknesses. (BTW if you are micromanaging – either you are in the wrong job or your subordinate is.)
  2. Accountability. Holding individuals accountable is not just about being fair – it’s about ethics. Employees need to see where the yardsticks are and what success looks like.
  3. Role clarity. Communicate with your direct employees about what you need them to accomplish – the rules for getting there and why it’s important.
  4. Autonomy. People need to self actualize. Let them do what they are good at – they need you to trust them to deliver exceptional work.

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