Are You Fit to Lead? 12 Signs You’re Not Up For The Challenge

October Performance Tip

October Leadership Tip: Identify weaknesses and work to improve them. We have all seen or worked with people unfit to lead. Many times these folks are well intentioned -ambitious people who do their level best; unfortunately for the rest of us, they can leave a trail of chaos and dysfunction – the products of poor leadership […]


Facilitator of the Month: Roy van der Mull

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Entrepreneurship Roy van der Mull is founder of VDMA Training and Consulting Inc., a learning organization that assists you and your company to be more productive, efficient and profitable in your work and private life. As an adult educator and business coach, he has 30 years’ experience in facilitation and training, financial management, business ownership […]


QNet News Report: Workshop taught how to spot a mental health crisis

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By Rachel Stark BELLEVILLE – More health professionals now know the signs of a person experiencing a mental health crisis after attending St. Lawrence College’s Mental Health First-Aid Certification training. Kelli Pierman, a support manager for Bayshore Home Health, said she attended the event so she would best know how to help other employees. “We have […]


Workforce Development Initiative

December Performance Tip

December’s Leadership Tip: Be aware of the current workforce landscape. We are enhancing our Career & Placement Centre so that it is aligned with the needs of over 4500 regional employers. We at St. Lawrence College are developing career ready graduates, and in so doing are an engine for regional economic development. Through our Corporate […]