CSC Commissioner Don Head to Address CLPI Graduates

St. Lawrence College (SLC) and Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement (CLPI) are celebrating the fourth graduating cohort from the Ontario Region of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) whose managers have completed SLC’s specialized Leadership for Managers training program.

A special ceremony will be held on Friday, April 7 from 1pm to 4 pm in the Lecture Hall on SLC’s Kingston campus, and will include special guests from Correctional Service Canada (CSC), including the Commissioner, Don Head, who was a 2016 recipient of an Honorary Diploma from the College. He will be addressing the graduates.

Also in attendance will be Mike Ryan, Regional Deputy Commissioner, Ontario Region, CSC. Mike has been a champion for the partnership to deliver SLC’s Leadership for Managers program for the Ontario region.

The Leadership for Managers program consists of nine modules, as well as a practicum that placed participants in groups of six to use all of their learning towards a project based on a strategic initiative of the organization.

“This program is an integrated learning program that not only developed our current leadership skills, but also provided us with new skills needed to have an impact in our organization,” according to graduate Natalie Sitt, Acting Manager, Assessment and Interventions at Collins Bay Institution. “Through combined work in small teams, we had the opportunity to put our skills to use. Interactive and engaging, the program was delivered by experts in their field and focused on key tasks required for successful project management and emphasized the value of productive relationships when leading teams. Facilitators were accessible and offered personalized support throughout the program. This program provided me with a great opportunity to do a self-analysis on who I am as a leader, where I can improve, and how to effectively lead others, no matter what position I hold; it has given me tools to succeed as a leader in my organization, and is relevant to any workplace.”

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