Lean Transformation Program

All companies are challenged with meeting the ever-changing demands of their customers and the pressures of rising costs. They struggle with how to maximize their resources, create the best value for the clients/customers, and make profits in order to grow.
St. Lawrence College is supporting businesses in this challenge by offering a Lean Transformation Program to teach passionate entrepreneurs, leaders, and staff to utilize Lean concepts and methodologies to increase profits and drive growth.

This program is beneficial if you:

  • Want to grow
  • Want your company to reach its potential
  • Are feeling the stress of not being able to compete
  • Have reached capacity and need to expand
  • Want to create, assess, or validate future plans
  • Want to improve the use of current resources
  • Want to engage your staff
  • Need to adapt to a changing market

Funding may be available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant, supporting up to 83% of the cost of the training.

The Lean Transformation Program is facilitated in partnership with the Lean Advisors’ Senior Consulting Team.

For more information contact:
Corporate Learning & Performance Improvement
(613) 345-0660 ext. 3120
[email protected]


Lean Transformation Program (pdf)