Business Strategy Courses

Business Solutions and Computer Training

St. Lawrence College Corporate Learning & Performance Improvement offers a variety of business strategy courses and computer learning skill programs to take your job training to the next level.

Better Business Writing

Add polish and power to everything you write. This practical, business writing course will take your writing skills to an advanced level. You will learn how to organize your thoughts effectively and to produce effective documents that create reader buy-in. Acquire techniques to reduce your writing time.

LEAN Awareness

Learn how to build a Lean organization, drive out waste, streamline process flow and build a culture of continuous improvement. Organizations across Canada are now applying Lean to achieve higher levels of performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Meetings That Work

Do you find meetings a waste of time, resources and energy? Do the meetings you attend often end in indecision, lack follow-up or involve the wrong people to ensure the necessary buy-in for success? Meetings are expensive; they require a large investment of money, time and effort. Learn the tools that will get you the best return and productivity out of your meetings.

Microsoft Office Training

Do you need to update your desktop computing skills to be working efficiently and productively?  Do the people on your team have the computer literacy and level of skill required to complete their daily tasks?  The St. Lawrence College Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement works with individuals and organizations to increase user confidence and improve their application of the Microsoft Office programs.

Strategic Planning

At St. Lawrence College Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement, we believe a good Strategic Plan is a beacon bringing clarity and insight to your organization’s true mission and values. Our solutions will guide you through your most difficult challenges delivering better decisions and setting the table for higher performance and long term sustainable results in the future. Trust us to guide you through this essential process with our unique 4 Step Approach.