Change Management Course

Change Management

Change is constant in today’s evolving workplaces. Technology, social networks, increased transparency and scrutiny have all impacted the environment you work in. Our change management courses brought to you by Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement can help you learn to manage the change process from planning to implementation. Incorporate lessons learned from recent trends in industries and sectors related to where you do business.

Practical and timely change management course content from Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement examines:

  • Understanding your role as a change leader
  • Get clear on the change process and use tools to help plan and implement
  • Appreciate why others may react negatively to change and how best to respond to resistance
  • Adapt your communication style to gain buy-in and support from others toward change initiatives
  • Increase the readiness to embrace change and overcome resistance in your work environment

This course is a one day module of the Leadership for Managers foundations program.

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