Dispute and Conflict Resolution Course

Dispute and Conflict Resolution

Our streamlined Conflict Resolution courses offers an introduction to the core ideals of dispute and conflict management, as well as the tools to apply during the process.

CLPI’s Dispute and Conflict Resolution program offers:

  • How to understand the conflict dynamic, how it starts and why it escalates
  • The application of a simple tool for diagnosing different types of conflict, and what to do to resolve conflict
  • Ways in which you can work effectively with the key motivators people have in conflict situations
  • How to understand and apply an effective tool for getting a deeper understanding of the key motivators and interests that people have in conflict
  • Core skills such as LEAP to deescalate conflict and reach resolution

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Managers
  • Labour Relations Managers
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Training and Employee Communication Specialists
  • Mediators
  • Front Line Employees

This course is a one day module of the Leadership for Managers foundations program.