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Relevant and Flexible Programs that Maximize the ROI of Training

CLPI clients maximize the return on their training investment when The work with St. Lawrence to develop their teams. Relevance and smooth transfer of new skills is guaranteed during our custom corporate training expierence. To achieve this, CLPI customizes program content and instructional materials to reflect company-specific issues and realities. Our instructors meet with company stakeholders prior to finalizing their program content to incorporate templates, language, case studies and examples that are industry and company-specific, wherever possible. Read below for a mini case of how we helped a law firm.

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Cunningham Swan

Just the facts – Microsoft Office programs from St. Lawrence College

The law firm Cunningham Swan Carty Little & Bonham LLP faced a change. It was time to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7. Knowing they needed as little interruption as possible across their operations, and with a team at varying skill levels, the firm sought proposals from several trainers. 

One of the responses was from St. Lawrence College’s Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement. The Centre understands the importance of a smooth transition from one version of Microsoft to another. They also understand the need for flexibly-scheduled programs that limit disruptions for business owners. Combined with St. Lawrence’s ability to customize programs to reflect clients’ business environments, the College’s facilities and incredible value set them apart.

Patience McLeod is the Office Manager at Cunningham Swan. As a graduate and member of the College Board, she is familiar with the services St. Lawrence provides, and the facilities available on the three campuses. Knowing St. Lawrence is committed to be a great learning college, she was also confident there would be a beneficial partnership to achieve the desired outcomes for her team.

“Working with St. Lawrence to structure this training, I found them to be insightful and helpful. They provided suggestions and information that helped develop a program that was right for us. More importantly, the College listened to our needs, took the time to hear our explanations of culture and timing requirements, and provided feedback and suggestions that enabled us to have the best training possible for everyone at the firm. We got exactly what we needed, which saved us time and money in the long run.”

For anyone else seeking similar computer skills training, Patience’s advice is simple:

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Have an internal project lead who can articulate your company or team’s needs.
  3. Put effort in prior to transitioning to any new software. Upfront training saves time, hassle, and helps users quickly get up to speed.
  4. Have users contribute their questions prior to the training.
  5. Work with St. Lawrence College!

In the end, Patience and the team at Cunningham Swan have been thrilled with the payoff of their investment with St. Lawrence College. There was little to no interruption in the daily workflow across their operations. Little touches, like the coordination of parking for participants, the provision of campus maps, and the ease of using College facilities made the program run smoothly. The College even took care of soliciting feedback from participants before and after the program, and compiled results that enabled the firm to evaluate their investment. As Patience says:

“The time and money to send employees on training is considerable. Organizations are taking valuable resources away from their primary function. The benefits taken from such down time have to justify the time spent away from the business. With our Microsoft Office upgrade training, I can honestly say St. Lawrence College made it worth it.”

Patience McLeod
Office Manager
Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little & Bonham LLP