Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook Training

CLPI provides targeted training with a focus on minimizing your learning curve and streamlining business processes. Our hands-on Microsoft Office training is given by our certified MS Office instructors. We also offer customized programs designed to suit the needs of the varying user groups in your organization.

Our approach to upgrading computer skills involves the following key factors:

Hands-On Labs

We deliver classes on any of our three campuses, or at your place of work. We can also arrange to have our mobile labs set up wherever your training is taking place. Practice files are used to provide an interactive learning experience.

Customized for You

Our customized training follows this 3 step process:

During this thorough assessment key job-related program features are identified for various user groups. The ones that will boost user productivity the most are chosen for the courses.

A flexible training schedule is created to ensure optimal attendance. Employees are then informed of the course offerings in order to register. The instructor-led courses are delivered in small groups to ensure quality of training and ample participation.

A training report is provided with the results of the course evaluations along with other findings and recommendations.

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Program Delivery Plan
  3. Training Report

Cost Effectiveness

Training costs are minimized when customers take advantage of St. Lawrence College’s existing infrastructure of computer labs and instructors. Our commitment to contribute to the communities we call home means we will work with you to deliver incredible value for an affordable price.


On-campus computer labs (Mac or PC) are available, as well as a mobile computer learning lab that uses the latest technology and enables each participant to apply what they are learning, with the support of their instructor.

Above All, Service

Our account managers and instructors have years of experience working with corporate and government clients. Their focus is to deliver programs that meet identified training goals. Our success is measured by your organizational performance.