Operationalizing the Strategic Plan Training

Operationalizing the Strategic Plan

The best laid plans aren’t worth much if you can’t act on them. Our strategic planning training through Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement takes a practical and hands-on approach to ensuring your company’s strategic plans get translated into action. Tips on ensuring your plans are broad enough in scope, with concrete milestones to gauge success are paired with best practices from leading companies to allow your strategic plans to be implemented.

This program will develop your skills to:

Make decisions incorporating best practice examples and lessons learned from competitors and peers.

  • Expand your strategic understanding of the marketplace

Stop navigating without a map. Align all work being done in your organization towards a shared end goal.

  • Develop and implement a strategy for your organization

Create focus and momentum through shared commitment of the “why” you are doing what you do.

  • Create mission, vision, and values to achieve goals
  • Focus on future direction and achieving desired results

This course is a one day module of the Leadership for Managers foundations program.